Using games to teach Cochrane concepts

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  • Education and training
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Wednesday 23 October 2019 - 11:00 to 12:30


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Jahanfar S1
1 Director of Cochrane Affiliate-Central Michigan University, USA
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Background: gamification and game-based learning are not new concepts but it is important to implement them in Cochrane training.

Objectives: the objective of this workshop is to explain how the use of game-based learning can be considered a golden opportunity to help adult learners develop skills they would not normally gain in a lecture-based classroom.

Description: Cochrane standard author training includes a compact, three days of heavy training that may be hard to digest for adult learners. It is crucial to ensure a successful integration of games into the classroom by soliciting feedback from the audience to help fine tune the curriculum or the teaching process. Games can introduce goals, interaction, feedback, problem solving, competition, narrative, and fun learning environments, elements that can increase learner engagement and sustain enthusiasm.

This workshop will demonstrate fun ways to learn about Cochrane as an integrated organization. Four interactive exercises will be presented including use of Parachute, Strong exercise, Dart game, and Circle of Cochrane. These methods have been used by the presenter in many Cochrane systematic review workshops and have been received as a successful way of learning concepts.

The presenter will practice these games with the attendees. This workshop will be a fun and engaging workshop. A discussion will be held at the end to identify new ideas to present the most difficult concepts during the training workshops.