Systematic reviews of prognosis studies I: introduction, design and protocol of systematic reviews of prognosis studies

Core Methods Workshop

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  • Other review formats (e.g. overviews of reviews, network meta-analysis)
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Tuesday 22 October 2019 - 11:00 to 12:30


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Moons K1, Damen J2, Hooft L3
1 Cochrane Netherlands, UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands
2 Cochrane Netherlands, The Netherlands
3 Cochrane Netherlands, Julius Center UMCU, The Netherlands
Target audience

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Reviewers with an interest in systematic reviews of prognosis studies

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Background: Prognosis studies are abundant in the medical literature, prompting the need for systematic reviews to identify and critically appraise the existing evidence. Recently, the CHARMS tool (Critical Appraisal and Data Extraction for Systematic Reviews of Prediction Modelling Studies) was developed to provide guidance for designing and performing systematic reviews of prognosis studies. CHARMS can assist authors of prognosis studies to define the review objectives, design the review, and create the data extraction list to enhance critical appraisal of the primary studies.

Objectives: to introduce participants to the types of prognosis research and explain the differences between prognosis and intervention studies. We will then provide guidance about how to define a proper review question and how to design a protocol and data extraction form to enhance subsequent critical appraisal. We will illustrate this using empirical examples.

Description: we discuss the most important items for framing a review question and the essentials of a protocol. The workshop will consist of interactive lectures and small group exercises.