Systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy: assessment of methodological quality

Core Methods Workshop

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  • Diagnostic test accuracy review methods
Date and Location


Wednesday 23 October 2019 - 14:00 to 15:30


Contact persons and facilitators

Contact person:


Yang B1, Langendam M1
1 Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands


Whiting P1, Rutjes A2, Reitsma J3
1 University of Bristol, UK
2 University of Bern, Switzerland
3 Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Target audience

Target audience: 

Authors of a systematic diagnostic test accuracy review

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Type of workshop

Type of workshop : 



Background: review authors use QUADAS-2 (a quality assessment tool for diagnostic accuracy studies) for quality assessment of included studies of diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) reviews.

Objectives: to introduce QUADAS-2 and provide practical guidance on how to use the tool to assess the quality of DTA studies.

Description: the workshop will be split into two sessions.
1) Introduction to QUADAS-2: the first session will be a brief overview of the content and structure of QUADAS-2. We will discuss potential sources of bias and applicability concerns in DTA studies. We will explain how the tool is structured and how it should be used to assess the quality of DTA studies included in a systematic review.
2) Applying QUADAS-2: the second session will provide participants with the opportunity to apply QUADAS-2 to an example DTA study. We will split participants into smaller groups and each group will assess the example study according to one or two of the QUADAS-2 domains. We will then regroup to feed back the results of the assessment to the wider group and to discuss any issues that arose during the assessment process.