Same quality, less time? Search methods for rapid reviews

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  • Searching and information retrieval
Date and Location


Thursday 24 October 2019 - 14:00 to 15:30


Contact persons and facilitators

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Klerings I1, Mann M2, Stansfield C3, Stevens A4, Coles B5
1 Cochrane Austria, Cochrane Public Health Europe, Danube University Krems, Austria
2 Cardiff University, UK
3 , UK
4 Cochrane Rapid Reviews Methods Group, Canada
5 Velindre University NHS Trust, UK


Skidmore B1
1 Independent Information Specialist, Canada
Target audience

Target audience: 

Librarians and information specialists who are familiar with systematic literature searching and interested in rapid review methods

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Type of workshop

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Background: rapid reviews have become a pragmatic alternative to systematic reviews (SRs). They are accelerated knowledge syntheses that provide results in a shorter timeframe (within a few days to a few months) through streamlining certain methodological aspects of SRs, including the literature search. Rapid review searches might adjust traditional SR search processes (e.g. by reducing the number of resources searched), focusing on 'supplementary' approaches such as citation tracking or using existing SRs as a basis.
However, while there are many possible ways of streamlining the search process, there is little practical guidance on acceptable methods.

Objectives: to provide an open forum to present and discuss rapid review search methodology developments in this evolving area. Specific aims are to provide: 1) an overview of the spectrum of rapid reviews and search methods; and 2) a platform for exchanging ideas on approaches, resources and standards.

Description: the workshop will consist of a brief introduction, followed by guided discussions to understand the challenges as well as to share practices regarding rapid review searching.
The discussion will utilize a 'World Cafe'-inspired technique. We will facilitate small discussion groups centred around the following issues:
- challenges and solutions;
- issues for diverse populations and diverse topics;
- the usefulness of guidance;
- approaches, resources, and tools used by participants.

The output of the discussions will be summarized and shared with the participants and the Cochrane Rapid Review Methods Group after the workshop.