Moving into the digital era - learn how to use RevMan on the Web (in Spanish)

Workshop category: 

  • Editorial processes and supporting review authors
Date and Location


Wednesday 23 October 2019 - 14:00 to 15:30


Contact persons and facilitators

Contact person:


Hall R1, Cortés-Jofré M2, Ortiz-Muñoz L3, Villanueva J4
1 Cochrane, Denmark
2 Universidad Catolica de la SS Concepción, Chile
3 Centro Evidencia UC, Chile
4 Universidad de Chile, Chile
Target audience

Target audience: 

Anyone using RevMan to author or edit Cochrane reviews

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Type of workshop

Type of workshop : 



Background: RevMan Web ( is the web application that is replacing Review Manager 5 (RevMan 5) as the main tool for producing and editing Cochrane Reviews. It has been available for early adopters since the beginning of 2018, working alongside RevMan 5. New features that support improved methods and streamline the review production are due to be released this year. These new features will be introduced only in RevMan Web, and not in RevMan 5. They include:
- study-centric data;
- support for using version 2 of the 'Risk of bias' assessment tool; and
- integration with other review production tools.

Objectives: to impart hands-on training for setting up and editing Cochrane Reviews in RevMan Web and taking advantage of the new functionality in a safe environment to prepare for the new era.
After the session, participants will:
- know how to access RevMan Web to edit their Cochrane Reviews;
- know where to find support and training material;
- understand future work planned for RevMan Web and how to influence it; and
- understand how study-centric data will improve the workflow of review production and reduce errors in reviews as well as how to start using it.

Description: users will be guided through hands-on exercises to get familiar with the systematic review writing process using RevMan Web. Interactions with complementary tools will be addressed. The workshop facilitator will present the future development roadmap of RevMan Web and how both versions of the tool (RevMan Web and RevMan 5) will operate within the Cochrane Review ecosystem, including which new functionality will break compatibility with RevMan 5.

Participants should bring their own laptop (preferably) or tablet to the hands-on session.