Introduction to Covidence - Cochrane's recommended online tool for review production

Workshop category: 

  • Editorial processes and supporting review authors
Date and Location


Tuesday 22 October 2019 - 16:00 to 17:30


Contact persons and facilitators

Contact person:


Arno A1
1 University College London and Covidence, Australia
Target audience

Target audience: 

Review authors, Cochrane Review Group editors

Level of difficulty: 

Type of workshop

Type of workshop : 



Objective: to familiarize new users with the features of Covidence, Cochrane’s recommended online tool for review production.

Description: Covidence is Cochrane’s online systematic review production platform, improving the efficiency and experience of producing systematic reviews. The tool supports importation and de-duplication of citations; screening of titles, abstracts and full texts; risk of bias assessment; data extraction; and exportation of data into Review Manager 5 software. The workshop will give a hands-on opportunity to get to know Covidence and the support team. We will start with a real-time demonstration of Covidence's features, with opportunities for specific questions after each area of the tool. Following this, we will provide information on support including an indication of materials available for trainers and editors. The second half of the workshop will finish with time for questions, and an opportunity for participants to use Covidence with the presenter available for one-to-one guidance.

Participants should bring a laptop or arrange to share in order to have hands-on experience of using Covidence.