How to share evidence on Wikipedia: introduction to Wikipedia editing skills

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  • Knowledge translation and communicating evidence
Date and Location


Tuesday 22 October 2019 - 14:00 to 15:30


Contact persons and facilitators

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Dawson J1, De Haan S2
1 Cochrane, Canada
2 Cochrane, The Netherlands
Target audience

Target audience: 

Medical professionals, healthcare consumers, and patients

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Type of workshop

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Background: Wikipedia is one of the most widely viewed sources of medical information online, receiving over 10 million page views per day for the medical content alone. The Cochrane-Wikipedia initiative was established in 2014 with the joint goal of sharing Cochrane evidence on Wikipedia in order to provide high-quality, unbiased, health-related information in an accessible format for everyone: medical professionals, healthcare consumers, and patients.

Objectives: 1) to learn and practice the basic skills necessary for editing health-related articles on Wikipedia; and 2) to learn how Cochrane evidence can be share on Wikipedia in order to improve the quality of the online health-related material that people from around the world are accessing.

Description: this will be a hands-on workshop in which participants will be guided through the process of Wikipedia editing by experienced Wikipedians. The workshop will culminate with each participant having added evidence from a Cochrane Review onto Wikipedia. The teaching session will focus on providing participants with the basic skills set required to edit a health-related article on Wikipedia, including: setting up a Wikipedia account, finding reliable sources appropriate for Wikipedia health-related articles, communicating evidence to a general audience on Wikipedia, inserting citations into Wikipedia articles, publishing Wikipedia articles, and working together with the Wikipedia medical community at WikiProject Medicine. There are no pre-requisites for this workshop: we welcome anyone interested in learning more about Wikipedia (novice or beginner Wikipedians).

To fully engage with the workshop it is recommended that participants bring a laptop.