Venue information

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Venue address

The 2019 Colloquium will be held at CasaPiedra in Santiago on the 22-25 October. There will also be a number of pre- and post-Colloquium events which will be confirmed in 2019. 

Avda. San Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer 5600
Santiago, Chile

Getting there

CasaPiedra is located in the exclusive district of Vitacura among six hectares of gardens and parks. Guests can enjoy terrace views of Manquehue Hill and the Andes Mountain Range. It takes approximately 30 min to drive from Santiago Centre or from the Santiago Airport. The venue is accessible from various highway routes.

Accessible Parking near the venue

There are approximately 1000 parking spaces at CasaPiedra and parking is free of cost to guests.


Uber costs approximately $10,000 CLP (~$14 USD) from Santiago Centre (Estacion Central) and $16,000 CLP (~$24 USD) from the airport.

Public transport

The closest Metro stops are Escuela Militar and Manquehue: CasaPiedra is 20min by Taxi or Uber from both of these stops. 

Venue access

All parts of the venue are fully accessible by wheelchair. Principal entrances are equiped with ramps and lifts provide access to the second floor. The first floor is level, while ramps connect elevated areas on the second floor.