Use of evidence for decision-making in health (in Spanish)

Background: the use of evidence for health decision-making is relatively recent in Chile. Only since 2005 have clinical practice guidelines been developed, while the GRADE methodology was adopted in 2014. Likewise, the use of evidence to make decisions about the financing of therapies and interventions in health systems was not systematic until quite recently. Finally, public policy decisions rarely had a framework of studied evidence that would sustain them.

Objectives: 1) to discuss the adoption of processes for using evidence for health decision-making; 2) to present the methodological and political advances made by the Ministry of Health in the use of evidence for decision-making; and 3) to discuss options for future development in this regard with the attendees and implementation options in their own countries.

Description: the Ministry of Health of Chile has been able to implement, since 2017, a continuous process of updating clinical practice guidelines with GRADE methodology. It has also developed a systematic health technology assessment process adapted to the requirements of national health problems. Finally, it has been incorporating elements of policy evidence into public health decision-making processes. These three elements have been achieved through various methodological and disciplinary approaches, setting an example of good practices for the region.


Sepulveda D1, Herrera P2, De la Puente C3
1 , Chile
2 Ministerio Salud, Chile
3 Ministry of Health of Chile, Chile

Target audience: 

Consumers of systematic reviews and people involved in decision making in public health


Wednesday 23 October 2019 - 16:00 to 17:30