Tue 3 Dec

Stakeholder Diversity

Considering the important role Cochrane plays in providing high-quality evidence that serves a variety of stakeholders, this day will provide an opportunity for the Cochrane community to hear from representatives of various groups, including policy makers, clinicians, and civil society and consumers. Content will address how Cochrane evidence serves their group, and discuss diversity within their group.

Special Content

Dissemination Checklist and Guidance Workshop

In this recorded workshop webinar, learn how to improve your dissemination products and share Cochrane evidence more effectively with your diverse stakeholders.

Related Content

Stakeholder Involvement in Evidence Synthesis

The involvement of stakeholders in environmental projects has been recognised as critical for ensuring their success and equally for the syntheses of evidence of what works, where, and for whom, providing key benefits and challenges. In this webinar, Neal Haddaway introduces a framework for stakeholder engagement in systematic reviews and systematic maps, highlighting recommendations and advice that are critical for effective, efficient and meaningful engagement of stakeholders.

Co-production in Action
INVOLVE have published ‘Guidance on Co-producing a Research Project’ which outlines the key principles and features of co-producing research. This webinar shows how these principles and key features find expression in practice – co-production in action. They will appeal to anyone with an interest in co-production.

Community Participation

Virtual #CochraneSantiago Discussions

How has Cochrane addressed your needs and diversity in your group of stakeholders? What more can be done? Why is it important to engage diverse voices in advocating for evidence? What are some examples? What could Cochrane do to make its value known among policy makers?

Oral Presentations and Posters

Those accepted for a short or long oral presentation at the Colloquium had the option to upload a video of their presentation or book a time with Cochrane to record one. Those accepted for a poster presentation at the Colloquium had the option to upload their poster file or their poster file with an audio presentation. All oral presentations and posters will be available for viewing on Monday December 2. Given Tuesday's theme, we suggest you view posters and presentations in these categories: