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The longest and thinnest country in the world runs from the Andes to the Pacific. As well as sharing borders with Argentina, Peru and Bolivia, Chile also has territories in Polynesia and Antarctica, making it a tri-continental nation.

From the high Andean plateau to the untouched southern territories at the end of the world, Chile invites you to live adventures in the middle of the world’s driest desert, in the unique rainy temperate forest of South America, in front of millennial glaciers that are waiting to be discovered or under the watchful eye of the Andes in the middle of the buzz of modern cities like its capital, Santiago.

These cultural and climatic contrasts have left an imprint on the identity of the country and its people. Warm, energetic, approachable and kind, Chileans share the love for their land, which invites you to build relationships beyond boundaries, to live unique experiences and to discover Chile.

Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile rises at the base of the Andes and is considered one of the most important financial centres of the continent. This city has a modern infrastructure and a strong and steady growth; among Latin American cities, it ranks second in ease of doing business and third in quality of life. Full of historic buildings and modern skyscrapers, Santiago is also one of the safest cities in the region.

The city is close to beaches, ski resorts, casinos and spectacular valleys to enjoy wine tours. In addition Santiago cultural activities include theatre, ballet, zoos, parks, and museums of national history, fine arts, transportation, and science & technology.

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