Special Sessions

Nine special sessions will be part of the 2019 Cochrane Colloquium Scientific Programme. Chosen for their innovative content, relevance to the Colloquium theme of "Embracing diversity", and their importance to Cochrane, these Sessions will be presented during Concurrent Sessions in the Programme. More information on these Sessions and their scheduled times will be provided soon. 

Special Session Title


¡Bienvenido a Cochrane! (Welcome Aboard, Cochrane!) [in Spanish]Juan Victor Ariel Franco, Yanina Sguassero, Agustín Ciapponi,  Anna Noel-Storr, Chris Champion, Celina Gialdini
Mentoring of non-English speaking authors in Cochrane: what options are out there?Sera Tort, Marta Roqué i Figuls, Chris Champion,  Tamara Kredo,  Jesús López-Alcalde, Alicia Aleman
Multi-language activities in 2019 and beyond: challenges and opportunities for a diverse, globally relevant and sustainable organizationKarla Soares-Weiser, Xavier Bonfill Cosp, Juliane Ried, Gabriel Rada,  Renato Beninatto
Embracing diversity in engagement and involvement – meeting the challenge of engaging and involving healthcare consumers in the production and dissemination of Cochrane evidence that meets the needs of its global audienceRichard Morley, Catherine Marshall, Lyubov Lytvyn, Karen Head, Rachel Plachcinski, Helen Bulbeck, Maureen Smith, Nancy Fitton, Joy Oliver
Translating and contextualising learning resources for informed health choicesSarah Rosenbaum,  Andy Oxman, Laura Martínez García, Giordano Pérez-Gaxiola, Anel Schoonees, Celeste Naude, Vanesa Mora Ringle, Malgorzata Bala
Use of evidence for decision-making in health  [in Spanish]Dino Sepúlveda, Paloma Herrera, Catherine de la Puente
Conflicts of the interested: Understanding and engaging  "non-financial" interests in systematic reviewsQuinn Grundy, Elie Akl, Ruth Foxlee, Lisa Bero
Living OVerview of the Evidence (L·OVE): Eradicating search and screening by 2020Gabriel Rada, Juan Vásquez, Camilo Vergara, Marcelo Pérez, Damián Garrido, Gonzalo A Bravo-Soto, Luis Ortiz-Muñoz, Rocío Bravo, Francisca Verdugo, Macarena Morel Morambio, Juan Victor Ariel Franco, Eva Madrid, Nicolás Meza, Agustín Ciapponi, Demián Glujovsky, Julio Villanueva, Maria Ximena Rojas-Reyes, Marcela Cortés Jofré
Cochrane and complex reviews: methodological advances in the new Cochrane HandbookSue Brennan, Miranda Cumpston, Julian Higgins, Joanne McKenzie, James Thomas, Vivian Welch