Monday - Equity Matters: Cochrane’s Next Frontier

Cochrane has prioritized health equity as part of its new content strategy for all Cochrane reviews because health is inextricably linked with social determinants of health.  At the heart of this strategy, we recognize that averages may obscure differences in health outcomes across diverse populations that can worsen or perpetuate health inequities. During this day, content will focus on the importance of evidence on equity, how Cochrane is responding to these needs, and the rewards and challenges of using these methods in reviews.

Tuesday - Stakeholder Diversity

Considering the important role Cochrane plays in providing high-quality evidence that serves a variety of stakeholders, this day will provide an opportunity for the Cochrane community to hear from representatives of various groups, including policy makers, clinicians, and civil society and consumers. Content will address how Cochrane evidence serves their group, and discuss diversity within their group.

Wednesday - Methodological Diversity

Systematic reviews ask questions from a variety of epistemological, ideological, and theoretical standpoints. Cochrane has developed and consolidated methods that are primarily related to reviews of the effects of interventions and diagnostic test accuracy. However, several other areas relevant to decision maker questions have had different degrees of methodological development within and/or outside Cochrane. Some of these areas are qualitative research, qualitative evidence synthesis, and rapid reviews. Wednesday we will focus on methodological diversity and the Cochrane Handbook.

Thursday – Looking Back

We mark #ThrowBackThursday, Cochrane style!  Our global independent network gathers and summarizes the best evidence from research to help you make informed choices about treatment and we have been doing this for 25 years. We will be looking back over our history and the importance of gathering as a community - either virtually or in-person. Together we will reminisce about past Colloquiums, our achievements, and our many awards that are named after key Cochrane contributors.

Friday - Looking Ahead

Today we look ahead to 2020 (and our next Colloquium in Toronto), the ways to get involved in Cochrane, and what the future holds for Cochrane.