Pre-Colloquium Satellites and Meetings

Save the Date!

There are several exciting events planned preceding the Colloquium! Registration and more details are forthcoming.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Student Satellite Event

09:00-17:00, Time to be confirmed, Valparaíso, Chile

If you are a student of any discipline (or level) interested in biomedical research or evidence-based healthcare, you are cordially invited to join us in this satellite event. In this full day satellite event, you will be able to share and participate in workshops, discussion sessions, and meetings with students and researchers from other parts of the world linked to the Cochrane Collaboration.

Monday, October 21, 2019

#CochraneTech Santiago

09:00-17:00, CasaPiedra

Co-located with ICASR and sponsored by Epistemonikos, Cochrane Chile

This full-day event will bring together technology experts to explore the integration of new technologies and tools, including those supporting automation, into the systematic review process, enabling researchers to expedite the production of high-quality reviews. Using hands-on examples, this satellite event will showcase new and emerging technologies across a wide-spectrum of systematic review production tasks. Full agenda and confirmed list of speakers coming soon. 

Methods Group Co-Convener Meeting

09:00 to 12:30, CasaPiedra, Time to be Confirmed

This is the annual meeting for all Co-Convenors of Methods Groups (recently billed as the ‘Methods Board’, but returning to its previous name after re-organization of the Cochrane Methods infrastructure). The Co-Convenors discuss matters relevant to the Cochrane methods community. Key topics for 2019 will include developing the Methods Group support and infrastructure, engagement with early-and-mid-career methodologists and discussion on methods integration in Cochrane and how we can bring together new methods developments in a way that informs decision makers and other end users. This meeting is a closed meeting for Co-Convenors of Methods Groups and the Methods Executive, only.

Methods Symposium: Developing robust review protocols in an increasingly complex world

14:00-17:00, CasaPiedra, Time to be confirmed

Cochrane reviews are becoming increasingly complex as methods evolve, as data sources become more diverse, and as we increasingly recognize that health outcomes are the products of many interlinked elements. Cochrane pioneered the publication of protocols before undertaking systematic reviews, partly to help ensure that the many decisions we make along the way are objective and not based on the results of the identified studies.

This year’s Methods Symposium will examine whether our protocols continue to provide the road map we need to navigate a modern Cochrane review. We will explore how much can reasonably be anticipated about the decisions we need to make. Speakers will address several aspects of pre-specification from diverse methodological perspectives, showcasing updated material in the new Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions (Version 6). Issues for discussion include deciding what syntheses are to be performed, deciding which data to extract and analyse, setting up review-specific considerations for assessing risk of bias, and dealing with issues of complexity in interventions and study contexts. We will discuss the extent to which issues can be overcome with careful review planning, and aim to determine whether refinements are needed in our current guidance for writing protocols.

There is no fee for attending this event. All are welcome, but attendees must register and spaces are limited.

Improving your Training Skills: A Workshop for Cochrane Trainers

09:00-17:00, Location to be confirmed

A good trainer is one who is confident of both content and approach. However, in the same way that our subject matter expertise constantly needs to be expanded simply to keep ahead, so too do we continuously need to think critically about how we go about facilitating a training event. This workshop provides an opportunity for such critical engagement, and is a one-day tour through the successful facilitation of such an event. 

Click to see full abstract. 

Interpreting results of Cochrane reviews using the GRADE approach and creating Summary of Findings Tables

09:00 to 17:00, Location to be confirmed

The goals of this workshop are to help you:

  • Learn to interpret and assess the results of a systematic review, and present the evidence using the GRADE approach
  • Create a 'Summary of Findings' (SoF) table, and
  • Use the software to create SoFs (GRADEpro).
This workshop is available in English and in Spanish.

Click to see the full abstract. 

Cochrane’s KT Training Workshop: supporting policymakers in the use of synthesized evidence, Part 2

Time to be confirmed

Part 2 to workshop session in Krakow, invitation only. Further details forthcoming.

Cochrane Consumers and Patients Satellite Event

Time to be confirmed

This full day satellite event will bring together patients and consumers in Santiago. Details forthcoming.

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