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Knowledge translation and communicating evidence

A multi-layered approach to base decisions in systematic reviews and the GRADE approach: The Chilean National Guideline Program Case
Co-producing a Cochrane qualitative evidence synthesis: applying real-world perspectives to full-text screening
Cochrane First Aid: a global platform for guideline developers, trainers and laypeople
Development of an evidence-based guideline when evidence is scarce: the importance of a balanced guideline panel
Does the methodological quality of reviews of the effectiveness of strategies and programmes designed to alter behaviours in healthcare influence subsequent citation rates?
Embracing diversity in Cochrane Clinical Answers (CCAs)
Experience of strengthening Cochrane dissemination and knowledge translation development in China
From a survey on evidence needs to a knowledge translation strategic plan: the case of Cochrane Insurance Medicine
Multi-step evidence synthesis for policymaking processes: a novel methodology to inform large-scale health policies in Chile: The National Plan for Childhood Obesity
The art and science of using evidence in Africa: an evidence map of what we know about evidence use
The use of language methodology for disseminating Cochrane Evidence through Cochrane Corners: Cochrane Rehabilitation experience.
Use of Cochrane Reviews in nationally developed clinical practice guidelines in Latin America
Using the results of systematic reviews, overviews of systematic reviews, and network meta-analyses to inform clinical practice guideline recommendations
Videos to improve Portuguese translations of Cochrane abstracts and Plain language summaries: preliminary results of the Brazilian Quality Project