Virtual #CochraneSantiago Meet-up in Malaysia!

There is no one place or office that is 'Cochrane'. Our global network of members and supporters work together to achieve our strategic goals and are usually affiliated to one or more Cochrane Groups based on their interests, expertise, and/or geographical location. This year’s virtual #CochraneSantiago Colloquium embodies this global and collaborative spirt! With five days of content organized around celebrating our diversity, we are gathering together as a Cochrane global community.

Members of Cochrane Malaysia took this as an opportunity to bring some of their members in Malaysia together. On Tuesday 4 December they gathered at two locations brought together by technology. Members met at the RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus in Penang and at Perdana University in Kuala Lumpur and connected via video conference for a local opening and welcome to the Virtual #CochraneSantiago Colloquium in Malaysia. Then, each team screened the #CochraneSantiago content separately, engaging with the presentations and discussing with their colleagues. They were joined by their College President, David Whitford, who is a Cochrane Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders author.

It is wonderful to see Cochrane Malaysia coming together to share, explore, discuss and learn from the content provided by the Colloquium. All Virtual #CochraneSantiago Colloquium content is freely available to all, here on the Colloquium website.