Second Plenary of 2019 Colloquium to Discuss Stakeholder Diversity

The second Plenary Session of the 2019 Cochrane Colloquium will discuss the importance of providing evidence to and for a diversity of stakeholders. Representatives from three key groups (clinicians, policy makers, and civil society/patients) will discuss how Cochrane has addressed their needs, as well as analyse diversity within their group.

 Dr. Rodrigo Salinas, neurologist, the first author of a Cochrane Systematic Review from Chile, will discuss how clinicians are served by Cochrane evidence.


Cristián Herrera, former Head of the Division of Health Planning at the Chilean Ministry of Health and current health policy analyst at the OECD, will analyze the use of Cochrane evidence by policy makers. 


Síle Lane, Head of International Campaigns and Policy at Sense About Science, will discuss the incorporation of diverse voices, such as patients and consumers, as advocates for the use of health evidence in civil society.


Session co-chairs will be Dr. Eva Madrid and Dr. Holger J. Schünemann.

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