Nine Special Sessions to be Given at 2019 Cochrane Colloquium

Nine Special Sessions chosen for their innovative content and relevance will highlight theme of “Embracing Diversity”

The Cochrane Colloquium is Cochrane’s flagship annual event that is a great opportunity to meet and network with Cochrane contributors and users globally and to learn more about the wide usage of Cochrane evidence in health decision-making at all levels. This year, the 26th Cochrane Colloquium will take place in the vibrant city of Santiago, Chile, 22-25 October 2019.

Nine Special Sessions were selected for this year’s Colloquium, and the Sessions will address wide ranging topics that relate to the theme of Embracing Diversity. In keeping with this theme, two sessions will be presented in Spanish. One will present reflections on the transformative process of incorporating evidence in health decision-making in Chile. In the other, Spanish-speaking newcomers to the Colloquium and Cochrane will be welcomed in the session, “¡Bienvenido a Cochrane! (Welcome aboard, Cochrane!)” Two other sessions will highlight the importance of linguistic diversity in the Cochrane Collaboration: one focused on mentoring for non-English-speaking authors, the other looking at the challenges and
opportunities for translation activities at the organizational level.

Engaging and involving healthcare consumers in the production and dissemination of Cochrane evidence is the focus of another Special Session, while another will contextualize resources available for consumers and others to make Informed Health Choices. The Session, “Living Overview of the Evidence (L·OVE): Eradicating search and screening by 2020” will demonstrate the integration of this technological innovation with the Cochrane Evidence Ecosystem. An innovative look at non-financial conflicts of interest in systematic reviews will be undertaken in another Special Session.

Finally, methodological advances present in the new, 2019 Cochrane Handbook will be presented by a team involved in the creation of this highly anticipated collaborative effort from Cochrane.

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