Find out what we have planned for the 2019 Colloquium

We are very pleased to welcome you to the 2019 Cochrane Colloquium to be held in Santiago, Chile on 22 - 25 October 2019 - so mark your calendars! The Cochrane Colloquium is an annual event, bringing people together from around the world to discuss putting research into important global health questions and promoting evidence-informed health care.

Although we do not want to give away the treats in store, we hope to open the show with artists that are well recognised internationally, and that represent all aspects of diversity, from gender identity and how it impacts (and is impacted by) health systems, to ethnic minorities and their voice in health matters. In addition to this, we hope to spice up the planned activites with a delicious presentation of colours and sounds, exhibiting our country’s rich cultural diversity.

We have been working enthusiastically to put together an excellent scientific program to cater to diverse tastes. Among the plenaries that have been planned, we hope to represent the diversity in language that we see in Cochrane and how taking diverse socioeconomic aspects into policy making has improved the lives and health of individuals from minority groups. We also hope to showcase how diverse stakeholders have worked together to achieve great gains, and how diversity in methodological approaches has served us all in Cochrane as a global community.

We hope to see you all in Chile, and are sure that in addition to the cultural and scientific fruits of the Colloquium, visitors will also enjoy the spectacular and unique catalogue of natural wonders that Chile has to offer.

Gabriel Rada