Find out more about the 2019 Cochrane Colloquium

We look forward to welcoming you to Santiago

Cochrane Chile is delighted to be hosting the Colloquium next year. It will be a great opportunity to meet and network contributors from Chile and Latin America, and to be surprised by the wide usage of Cochrane evidence in decision-making at all levels.

The theme of the next Colloquium is ‘Embracing Diversity’, and there is no better place to experience it. In 2018, Chile was recognized as the best country to visit by the prestigious Lonely Planet travel guide. This long and narrow strip of land, isolated from the rest of the world by the soaring Andes to the east, and the vast pacific ocean to the west, acts as a catalogue of natural wonders, ranging from the unearthly scenery of the world’s driest desert in the north, to the world’s largest continental ice fields in the south. In between, countless unforgettable locations, including top-of-the-list wine growing regions, the clearest skies in the world, the impenetrable wilderness of Patagonia and the enigmatic Easter island, just to name a few. Chile is nature on a colossal scale, and travel is surprisingly safe and easy.

 Accompanying Chile’s diverse geography is it’s multiethnic and diverse society. High-tech, early technology adopters, conforming what the media refers to as Chilecon Valley, coexist with writers that make Chile known as a country of poets, and nine indigenous peoples that have preserved their culture as a living heritage.

Even in this kaleidoscope of diversity there are common denominators. No matter where you are, you will feel the Andes mountains in your back. No matter who you talk to, you will note a strong sense of identity, an inclination to make feel foreigners welcome, and a genuine desire to make this world a better place. At a first glance, we might look like workaholics, perhaps not so festive. But when the night time falls, you will understand why we have as many words to refer to ‘a party’, or ‘having fun’, to easily create a new dialect.

 So, open up your mind to embrace diversity, tune your senses to experience Chile’s nature, our culture and our people. Last but not least, prepare your vocal cords because it is not unlikely that after falling to the temptation of irresistible Chilean wines you might end up joining our champion’s cry:

"C - H - I - CHI,  L - E - LE,  CHI - CHI - CHI - LE - LE - LE ¡ VIVA CHILE! "

Gabriel Rada | Director Cochrane Chile