Cochrane’s annual Colloquium in Chile hosts some of the world’s most influential health researchers

Scientists, academics, opinion leaders, clinicians, and patients join together to promote evidence-informed decision-making in Santiago, October 2019.

Cochrane Chile is hosting Cochrane’s Colloquium at CasaPiedra in Santiago, October 22-25, 2019. Cochrane’s Colloquium is an annual, global health event based on promoting the most prestigious evidence in the world and where hundreds of international researchers, opinion leaders, health experts and patients join together for open, scientific debate promoting the use of evidence in health.

The scientific programme will compose of plenary sessions, workshops and abstracts in poster format and oral presentations. Registration and other information can be found on the event website:

This year's theme is “Embracing diversity”, exploring the advantages of examining different languages, ethnicities, genders and health evidence in policy and practice with the aim of strengthening equity in health and considering the growing need to incorporate new methodologies in the synthesis of evidence.

Dr Gabriel Rada, Director of Cochrane Chile says: “This is an exciting opportunity for us here in Chile and everyone around the world to stimulate the incorporation of diversity in their scientific work. This message encourages participants to embrace diversity to improve the health and quality of life of people living in South America and across the world.”

Gabriel Rada

Dr Xavier Bonfill, Director of Cochrane’s Iberoamerican Network, remarked: “We are very proud that this year’s Colloquium takes place in Santiago. Our Chilean colleagues have been very active and productive in contributing to Cochrane and Evidence-based Medicine, either in their country, in Latin America and worldwide. Therefore, the Colloquium is also a great opportunity to show to a large international audience the many good things that are being done there and establish fruitful collaborative links for the future.”

Cochrane’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Wilson, says: “I am delighted that Cochrane’s annual international Colloquium is taking place in Chile this year. Learning from, and supporting the future work of, health researchers, clinicians, policymakers and patients in South America is a major objective of this year’s Colloquium. South America is experiencing some of the widest inequalities in health provision and outcomes in the world; and we hope that the Colloquium will highlight ways in which Cochrane evidence can impact health and healthcare decision-making across the region more effectively, thereby improving the health of millions of people.”

For more information and to register: