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Equity Matters: Cochrane’s Next Frontier

Cochrane has prioritized health equity as part of its new content strategy for all Cochrane reviews because health is inextricably linked with social determinants of health.  At the heart of this strategy, we recognize that averages may obscure differences in health outcomes across diverse populations that can worsen or perpetuate health inequities. During this day, content will focus on the importance of evidence on equity, how Cochrane is responding to these needs, and the rewards and challenges of using these methods in reviews.

Special Content

  • Opening message from Local Organizing Committee
  • Opening Plenary - Equity Matters: Cochrane’s Next Frontier
  • Peter Tugwell Dr. Peter Tugwell (OC, LRCP, MRCS, MD, MSc, FRCPS, FRCP [UK], FCAHS) is Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology & Community Medicine at the University of Ottawa and is a practicing rheumatologist at the Ottawa Hospital. In 2001, he became Director for the Centre for Global Health at the University of Ottawa. He has built a research program and multidisciplinary team around his Canada Research Chair in Health Equity. Dr. Tugwell was Founding Director of the International Clinical Epidemiology Network Training Centre at McMaster University [1982-91] and currently serves as Secretary General to INCLEN's North American group (CanUSAClen). Dr. Tugwell is co-director of a WHO Collaborating Centre for Knowledge Translation & Health Technology Assessment in Equity. Dr. Tugwell is Coordinating Editor of the Cochrane Musculoskeletal Review Group and is Founding Co-convenor of the Cochrane Health Equity Field/Campbell Equity Methods Group and serves on the Steering Committee of the Campbell Collaboration.
  • BeiBei Yuan Dr. Beibei Yuan (MD, PhD) is an Associate Professor in Peking University China Center for Health Development Studies. She got her PhD in management from Shandong University in 2011, and worked in Peking University and Karolinska Institutet as postdoctoral fellow from 2011-2013. She continued research on evidence-based method in the areas of health system and policies, including development of appropriate methodology on evidence synthesis, conducting of systematic reviews on specific health system and policy research topics, like strategies for expanding health insurance coverage, payment methods evaluation, interventions to reduce inequalities in maternal health, and the equity consequences of health policies. She also has experience teaching courses related to systematic review or evidence synthesis. Her research interests also include incentives and motivation of health workers in primary health facilities, and the integration reform of primary healthcare system. She is a governance member of Emerging Voices for Global Health, expert member of WHO Alliance Health Systems Research Synthesis Advisory Group, expert member of China Delegation for World Health Assembly on the areas of WHO financing and Universal Health Coverage, and the committee member of China Young Scholars Federation of Health Management Researches.

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Community Participation

Virtual #CochraneSantiago Discussions

What do you see as the difference between health equality and health equity? What can Cochrane or systematic reviews do to contribute to health equity? How are social determinants of health related to health equity?


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