Mentoring non-English authors in Cochrane: what options are out there?

Background: Cochrane Iberoamerica and the Cochrane Central Executive Team have been running a feasibility study for a support initiative targeting a sample of authors from Iberoamerica, with the goal of empowering them to publish high-quality Cochrane Reviews and become mentors to other authors in the future. The support activities in the study involve directing these authors to the appropriate training resources, providing methodological and linguistic support and mentoring them in their own language. This is all done in collaboration with their corresponding Cochrane Research Group (CRG). To gain more knowledge about other existing experiences in Cochrane, we plan to run a short survey of people across Cochrane (Centres/CRGs/trainers’ networks) to find out how Cochrane members mentor authors whose first language is not English.

Objectives: to create an open forum to identify and discuss best practices for mentoring activities in Cochrane with a specific focus on authors whose first language is not English. We hope that outputs from the session, combined with learning from the feasibility study, will set the basis to improve current and future support initiatives.

Description: the session will introduce the feasibility study and describe the experiences gained through the mentoring of the included reviews. This will be followed by a presentation of the results of the survey, and the learning gained from the training activities at Cochrane-South Africa. Finally, we will open the floor for discussion.
Some of the topics will include: 
- how support is best delivered to non-English speaking authors;
- difficulties in supporting authors;
- possible solutions to overcome these difficulties;
- cultural specificities across Cochrane that require differing approaches;
- required characteristics of a support initiative.


Tort S1, Roqué i Figuls M2, Champion C3, Kredo T4, López-Alcalde J5, Aleman A6
1 Cochrane Editorial & Methods Department, Spain
2 Cochrane Iberoamerica, Spain
3 Cochrane Central Executive Team, UK
4 Cochrane South Africa, South Africa
5 Cochrane Associate Centre of Madrid, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria-Madrid, Clinical Biostatistics Unit, Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal (IRYCIS), Madrid, Spain
6 Departament of Preventive Medicine, School of Medicine. University of the Republic, Uruguay

Target audience: 

Anyone involved in supporting authors, especially authors whose first language is not English. This might include trainers, Centre staff or CRG staff. We would also welcome involvement from authors whose first language is not English


Wednesday 23 October 2019 - 11:00 to 12:30