Improving the review writing process in RevMan Web: join the pilot of study-centric data


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1 hour 35 mins
Friday 25 October 2019 - 13:00 to 14:35


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All invited to attend


Description: In this meeting you’ll get the chance to explore a new feature in RevMan Web that proposes an improved process of inputting extracted data and setting up analyses. You will get hands-on experience by setting up the analysis of an intervention review of your choice. For the session, please bring your laptop and the title of the intervention review that you would like to work on. What is study-centric data? Using study-centric data in RevMan Web means that extracted result data is added in the included studies, rather than in the Analysis. Authors will define the synthesis PICO for their analysis, and RevMan Web will automatically identify the eligible studies and data and create your analysis. The old way of entering result data in the analysis data table will still be available as an option. Why is it important? The main motivations to move to study-centric data are to support smooth integration with tools such as Covidence and the introduction of Network Meta-Analysis and other new methods in RevMan Web. There are also immediate benefits for Cochrane authors and editors: • Reduces duplication of data and thereby the risk of introducing errors • Clear workflow for authors in reviews • Facilitates updates of reviews as forest plots will be updated automatically when new studies are included • Provenance of result data is improved as data that is entered in the calculator will be saved