Evidence Synthesis International (ESI): Introducing a new partnership of organisations to advance research synthesis internationally


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45 minutes
Thursday 24 October 2019 - 13:00 to 13:45


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Individuals involved in organisations that produce, develop, use, and promote evidence syntheses


In order to know how research can inform policy, practice, personal decision making and future research we need to know what is known from research. We need systematic and transparent synthesis of evidence to clarify what is known about the evidence base. There are an increasing number of initiatives and organizations that produce, develop, use, and promote evidence syntheses around the world. The topics they cover the whole range of social science and science disciplines from education to conservation to veterinary medicine. Evidence Synthesis International (ESI) is a new partnership to bring together these organizations and networks as a global hub to build capacity, share resources, and advocate for the synthesis and use of research evidence in policy and practice decision making. Working together we can learn from each others' endeavours, have a powerful collective voice and reduce duplication of effort. Current members of the BOD and/or subcommittees include: African Evidence Network, Alliance for Health Systems and Policy Research, Cochrane, Collaboration for Environmental Science, Collaborative Approach to Meta-Analysis and Review of Animal Data from Experimental Studies, EPPI Centre, Global Evidence Synthesis International, Health Systems Evidence, SYstematic Review Center for Laboratory animal Experimentation, The Campbell Collaboration, and The International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment. Please come to our session to learn more of our work and our plans and to see if your organization is interested in joining ESI.