Living OVerview of the Evidence (L·OVE): Eradicating search and screening by 2020

Background: Epistemonikos has been developing a new platform, called Living Overview of the Evidence (L·OVE), that builds upon its existing database of systematic reviews. It retrieves all the evidence hosted in the main database and organizes the information by topic into different PICO questions (for patient/population, intervention, comparison/control, outcome). The platform enables the incorporation of more evidence that is not part of the original database (e.g. primary studies, trial registries, clinical study reports), using artificial intelligence to speed up the process and allow multiple people to work on the same pipeline. 

Objectives: this workshop aims to demonstrate how integrating L·OVE into the Cochrane Evidence Ecosystem and projects outside Cochrane might dramatically decrease the need for searching and screening for evidence synthesis.

Description: L·OVE platforms uses multiple technologies to retrieve and classify the evidence that is potentially eligible for all the PICO questions in a given topic (e.g. a specific condition). In recent years, we have been testing the platform in the context of guidelines and non-Cochrane evidence synthesis production led by Cochrane members in different countries. During the workshop, we will explain how this platform reuses information from previous projects and integrates tools that are part of the Cochrane ecosystem (e.g. RCT classifier, Cochrane Register of Studies, Covidence, EPPI-Reviewer, task exchange), substantially decreasing the need to run searches and conducting screening. Finally, we will propose a roadmap to collectively maintain a living, open and organized repository of all relevant health evidence, with the objective of eradicating (de novo) search and screening by 2020. Finally, the workshop will provide hands-on experience about how to integrate new or ongoing Cochrane reviews into the L·OVE-powered Cochrane ecosystem.

A laptop is recommended for participants.


Rada G1, Vásquez J2, Vergara C2, Pérez M2, Garrido D3, Bravo-Soto GA4, Ortiz-Muñoz L5, Bravo R3, Verdugo F6, Morel Marambio M3, Franco JVA7, Madrid E8, Meza N9, Ciapponi A10, Glujovsky D10, Villanueva J11, Rojas-Reyes MX12, Cortés-Jofré M13
1 Cochrane Chile, Chile
2 Epistemonikos Foundation, Chile
3 , Chile
4 Centro Evidencia UC, Epistemonikos Foundation, Chile
5 Centro Evidencia UC, Chile
6 Centro Evidencia UC, Epistemonikos Fundation, Chile
7 Centro Cochrane Asociado - Instituto Universitario Hospital Italiano, Argentina
8 Cochrane Chile - Interdisciplinary Centre for Health Studies Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile
9 Escuela de Medicina, Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile, Chile
10 Instituto de Efectividad Clínica y Sanitaria, Argentina
11 Universidad de Chile, Chile
12 Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia
13 Universidad Catolica de la SS Concepción, Chile

Target audience: 

Cochrane authors, coordinating editors and anyone interested in innovative methods for evidence synthesis production

Other contributors:

Carrasco-Labra A1, Pérez D2, Vergara C2, Contreras V2, Sepúlveda J2, Ortuño D3
1 McMaster University, Canada
2 Epistemonikos, Chile
3 Cochrane Chile, Chile


Thursday 24 October 2019 - 11:00 to 12:30