Core principles for dissemination: a checklist for improving the quality of Cochrane’s dissemination products




Oral session: Knowledge translation and communicating evidence (4)


Wednesday 23 October 2019 - 14:00 to 15:30


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Glenton C1, Fønhus MS1, Rosenbaum S1
1 Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Cochrane Norway, Norway
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Claire Glenton

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Background: when developing Cochrane dissemination products (for instance, blogshots, Plain language summaries (PLS), podcasts, or press releases), we want to give a reasonably complete, nuanced, and unbiased representation of the evidence. In addition, we want to present the evidence in a way that people with or without research experience find useful, can access and understand, and want to read.

As part of Cochrane’s Knowledge Translation strategy, we are currently developing a set of core principles for dissemination that achieves a balance between these two goals and that has broad consensus within Cochrane. This set of principles will lead to a checklist that can be used by any producer of Cochrane dissemination products, particularly Centre, Field or Review Group staff.

Objectives: to introduce the 'core principles for dissemination' checklist to people disseminating Cochrane reviews

Methods: we are using an iterative and transparent consensus approach to develop a set of core principles and checklist for dissemination products:
- our list of core principles builds on an initial list developed by ourselves and colleagues at the Centre for Informed Health Choices in Norway;
- we are currently assessing existing literature to inform the further development of this list. We have identified this literature through a systematic search and through consultation with members of our advisory board. This literature includes general guidance and systematic reviews focusing on the presentation of results from effectiveness studies in general, and individual studies focusing on the presentation of Cochrane reviews specifically;
- we have established a Project Advisory Group made up of Cochrane contributors. This Group will provide us with feedback to the first version of the checklist;
- after incorporating feedback from the Advisory Group, we will carry out user testing of a second version of the checklist among Cochrane contributors producing a range of dissemination products, in different languages, and aimed at different target audiences;
- we will develop an updated version of the checklist based on the user testing and will ask the Advisory Group to comment on the final checklist.

Results: by October 2019, we plan to have developed a checklist for producers of Cochrane dissemination products that is easy to understand and to apply. To accompany the checklist, we will also create a second layer that includes a justification for each checklist item and examples of how this has been done in different types of dissemination products. We will also be developing training materials.

Conclusions: we hope this checklist will help increase the quality and consistency of Cochrane dissemination products.

Patient or healthcare consumer involvement: the Cochrane Consumer Network will participate in the user testing of the checklist.